The usage of lead in roofs dates back hundreds of years.

Because the material is durable and can be molded to fit into intricate grooves, it can last for over a couple of centuries. As a house owner, you need not to be concerned about the health risks of lead on your roof as long as the material is handled by competent personnel. The Roofing’s workforce in Belfast knows how to do roof leadwork correctly. We’ve been taught and certified to keep track of our lead exposure by limiting skin contact and dust ingestion/inhalation.

We deal in all elements of flashing and roofing lead work year-round. With over years of expertise and involvement in restoration work on high-profile and heritage buildings, we are a team of highly certified lead roofing and roofing professionals. The Roofing Services in Belfast is the premier choice for all-period home restorations and repairs in Northern Ireland, employing conventional roofing processes using milled and sand-cast lead.

Our specialties include:

Stylish decorative innovations
Leadwork roofing can include intricate ornamental features such as domes, cathedral lofts, stained-glass panels, and plaques. This is owing to the lead’s ability to cast correctly in a mold, preserving its fine details.

Lead flashing
Since lead is corrosion-resistant and extremely flexible, it is frequently used as flashing to guide water into gutters and away from the roof’s centre. Lead is a fantastic alternative for a sealant. Lead flashing repair and maintenance are required to maintain your roof’s drainage system functioning correctly and to avoid water from leaking into your home.

Recycling Leads

Lead can be recycled, which is good news in terms of lowering carbon emissions. If this metal is discovered on your roof and needs to be removed, we have the knowledge to recycle and reuse it properly.

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To avoid safety hazards, lead roofing must be done with care, and the best Roofing specialists is Northern Ireland’s leading lead roofing business for premises in the wider Belfast area and beyond. Our Belfast-based roofers are experts in lead work and can safeguard the roof of your home or company with high-quality lead roofing work.

Our personnel will supervise every element of the process, from the blueprint to the finished product – your roof will be in the best of hands. In Belfast, Newtownabbey, and throughout Northern Ireland, we offer free estimates on all facets of lead roofing.

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