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Flat roofs are a popular architectural choice for both residential and commercial structures.

Since flat roofs are not totally level and have a modest slope to facilitate rainwater drainage, they are more correctly referred to as “low-slope” roofs. One of the prime reasons structures choose flat roofs is their cost-effectiveness; the spaces below and above the roof can be completely utilized as living or recreational zones. With a flat roof, roof gardens, solar panel deployment, and rainwater collecting for water conservation, everything becomes so much easier.

Our flat roof experts are eager to assist you with your roofing deployment or repair. We’ll customize your flat roof refurb to your building’s and flat roof’s specifications, taking into account things like the type of felt paper used on the top. Felt roof repairs typically entail removing the tar, asphalt, and/or gravel that covers the felt itself, primarily if you’re dealing with flat roof leaks.

We are delighted to perform flat roof leak repairs on a timely basis.

If you have a leakage in your flat roof or observe any indicators of the following issues that can eventually lead to expensive damage to your structure, immediately get in touch with us.

Drainage or drain maintenance that isn’t up to par

All rooftop penetrations are not properly sealed.

Potholes on your roof, which might freeze and destroy the roof when the ice expands throughout the winter- These pools of water, known as “ponding” water, should be drained within 48 hours of when they first began to accumulate.

If the gravel on top of your flat roofing has been moved or got displaced due to natural reasons or human negligence, you’ll need to manage it.

Keep a watch out for cracking or scorching in your felt roof, which may not trigger leaks right now but may over time.

Examine the underlying roof decking for drooping; it can be difficult to detect.

Roofing Experts in Belfast Make Flat Roof Deployment Quick and Easy.

Flat roof restoration may not always be enough to save your roof, or you may be planning a new development that needs flat roof professionals’ services. Consider The Roofing for your flat roof installations in Northern Ireland in such scenarios. You can rely on our craftsmanship because all of our installations are backed by a 10 – 15-year warranty.

We can also ensure you that we employ cutting-edge, high-quality materials. We only hire safety-trained and CSR-registered personnel and never engage subcontractors.

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